“Every day, based on the advances of medical science and best clinical practices, to ensure the top quality of medical and pharmaceutical education in Russia and to improve health and the quality of life for the people.”
Siberian State Medical University trains the next generation of doctors by performing high quality medical research and by offering excellent education.
Siberian State Medical University is ranked in the top 5 medical schools in Russia, and it is among the top 30 higher educational institutions in Russia (2017).
Tomsk is the cradle of higher education in Siberia and currently a home to 72 000 university students of 120 nationalities. That means that one out of eight people in Tomsk is a student.
Tomsk streets are filled with beautiful young faces: everywhere from buses to cafes you can hear conversations about physics and philosophy, lectures and exams, friendship and love.
Over 60 000 doctors and pharmacists graduated and over 40 000 health care specialists went through professional training at SibMed. Among SibMed graduates there are over 700 Doctors of Science, 42 Academicians, 25 Corresponding members of AMS of the USSR and Russia, 2 Presidents of AMS, 15 State prize laureates and 1 Health Care Minister of the Russian Federation. More than 80% of the academic faculty have academic degrees and ranks.
Over 5 500 students annually from all parts of Russia, CIS region and many overseas countries: Germany, Haiti, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, India, Nigeria, China, Mongolia, Malaysia, and others.

Contact Info & Location

Rector Office: +7 (3822) 530-423; +7 (3822) 909-823
International office: +7 (3822) 901101 ext. 1619
Contact number (SibMed Clinics): +7 913 8201 503
Address: 2 Moskovsky trakt, Tomsk, 63405


Siberian State Medical University is one of the leading medical universities in Russia. Its history dates back to 1878, when the Emperor Alexander II founded the first university in the Asian part of Russia. Imperial Tomsk University opened in 1888 with only one faculty – the Faculty of Medicine.
Today SibMed is among top three Russian medical schools, number one medical school located outside the capital of Russia, offers the greatest number of state-funded seats on the territory beyond the Ural Mountains. In 2017 SibMed received the status of the only flagship university among all Russian medical schools. In 2017 the Russian government selected SSMU for the national project on education export among other 39 universities. SSMU is one of the two medical universities on the list together with Sechenov University.
Over its 135 years’ history the University has become one of the best educational, scientific and medical complexes in Russia for training and certification of healthcare professionals in the field of surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, pathology, histology, pharmacology, microbiology and many others. Today over 5,000 students from 55 regions of the Russian Federation and 28 overseas countries enroll annually in SibMed to earn their medical degree.
Over 80% of SibMed academic faculty are scientific scholars. The students have a unique opportunity to have their clinical practice at the University teaching hospital, which annually admits over 20,000 patients from all over Russia. The teaching hospital is equipped with the cutting-edge equipment and most advanced technologies: 128-slice CT scanner, MRI, gamma-camera, endoscopic and ultra sound machines and other.
SibMed research library is the largest specialized library in Siberia and the only open-access library in Tomsk. It is the best Russian medical library according to the annual national medical library rankings 2016 by the Academy of Evidence-based medicine.
The knowledge gained during the studies is put into practice in one of two European accredited training simulation centers in Russia (accreditation by SESAM).
SibMed museum complex provides the students with an opportunity to be trained with the help of unique exhibits. The collection has been gathered for 120 years and some exhibits cannot be found anywhere in the world but here.
Among the SibMed graduates are the leading doctors of Russian and foreign clinics: more than 800 doctors, 42 academicians, 2 presidents of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (Nikolay Burdenk and Vladimir Timakov), Minister of Health of the Russian Federation, Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation (Lyudmila Ogorodova).
In 2015 SibMed became the first medical school that received accreditation of Skolkovo Technology Park.