Nanchang Institute of Technology


The Nanchang Institute of Technology locates in the provincial capital of Jiangxi- hero city,Nanchang, established in May of 1999,whose predecessor is Jiangxi Hangtian Science and Technology Institute of higher learning of undergraduate course administrative level run by the local people.


NIT cover an area of 4603 square meters,in which its floor space reaches 719800 square meter.The campus environment is fine,having been called an advanced unit of the part of Nanchang for afforesting,blending in science and technology,numeral, ecosystem,humanities and natural as an integral whole.Various athletics cultural facilities are well-found.In addition,this college oqns books and reference materials of 581000 volumes, owns many teaching instrument equipments totally being worth 620000 dollars, and owns some good practice and experiment base.
Under the college there is a computer science and software engineering department,a light information electrical engineering department, an economic management department,a foreign language department,an art department,an aerospace aviation department, a living creature and environmental engineering department, a media department, existing 27000 full-time systems of students in school,coming from 30 cities and provinces of the whole country.


There are 785 full-time teachers in the college now, and the ratio of the senior titles of professional posts amounts to 29.4 percent.Pres.xiaolin Qiu(reading the course of Doctor) is a member of the standing committee of People’s Political Consultative Conference,the advanced individual of the national professional education.And he also won the second prize of the Advanced Science and Technology Achievements in JiangXi,the title of the top ten outstanding youth and the grand love heart personage of Jiangxi province, and the “May 1st”labor medal,whose train of thought of running the college is clear and correct,whose spirit of developing is strong.
Relying on private business,NIT bases itself upon Jiangxi and develops the international cooperation and exchanges actively,sering the economy construction,with undergraduate course education as a focal point, and with engineering as its mainstay.It is a common institute of higher learning of undergraduate course administrative level run by the local people with distinctive characteristics,occupying a dominant position in the province and influencing the domestic.It is a base of training applied professional talents of high qualities in order to serve the development of the economy and visiting.


Nanchang Institute of Technology

Address´╝ÜNo. 289, Tianxiang Road,Nanchang, Jiangxi, China

Province, Jiangxi

Courses Offered

  • Hydraulic and Ecological Engineering
  • Civil and Architectural Engineering
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Information Engineering
  • Business Administration
  • Economics and Trade
  • Humanities and Art
  • Foreign Languages
  • International Education